This website was born on 5 May 2021 as a place to keep track of my work. With bits of content scattered throughout the internet on various blogging sites and newspapers it can sometimes be difficult to link someone to 'that relevant bit of writing I did once'. My hope is that this website will make it easier to share my work and, by keeping it public, I'll feel the pressure of an audience to keep it updated and organised. The aspiration is to post some original content here in the blogging section, but I'll be pleased enough with just a functional website.

What kind of content is stored here? Well I'm an environmental economist based in the Belgium. Most of my work to date has focused on fisheries policy, but I have also worked on agriculture, food policy, climate change, health, and increasingly on electric cars.

My work tends to take a quantitative approach. On this blog I'll probably throw up some quick statistics that I find particularly illuminating. Research is fun, but almost all of my work is undertaken for specific policy questions rather than research for its own sake.

I am currently working as a Company Cars Analyst at Transport & Environment and I occasionally undertake freelance work when a project sounds particularly impactful or when research curiosity gets the better of me. Previously I was a Senior Researcher at the New Economics Foundation and a Research Analyst at Trucost.