Setting the right safety net: A framework for fisheries support policies in response to Covid-19
30 April, 2020 Griffin Carpenter

While disruption in seafood supply chains has brought temporary relief to wild fish populations, this should not be celebrated. This environmental improvement has not come about due to any deliberate transition plan for workers, nor will any environmental relief prove lasting once the public health crisis passes. Environmental improvement is essential, but it should be achieved in a socially just manner. This is where a principle-based approach is useful. The ten principles in this briefing establish a framework that can be used to assess whether fisheries support policies in response
to Covid-19 are appropriate to set a path towards a healthier fishing sector, public, and marine environment. While some policies that have been publicly advocated for violate one or more of the principles, other policies offer promise and should be pursued with urgency.

This briefing was originally posted by a coalition of NGOs, for example here.

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